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Located at 1295D North Lamar in Oxford, Mississippi

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Sharon King, CNMT, LMT #651

From migraines and jaw pain to shoulder and back injuries, Sharon offer's a variety of massage techniques that will relieve any pain and stress that's ailing you.

Sharon will massage your neck and then proceed from the proximal to the distal to achieve proper manual lymph drainage on a variety of injuries. This is a specialized technique used to relieve swelling and edema when necessary.

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Sharon uses NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT), Manual Lymph Drainage, Swedish Massage, stretching, and other soft tissue mobilization techniques to help relieve pain. From injuries, sports, over use syndromes, or just hurting, massage therapy may benefit you or someone you love. Sharon works with clients of all ages and fitness levels and has had success with relieving migraine headaches, shoulder and hip pain, neck pain and many other health issues.

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